Established in 1997. An e-zine from July 2009.Discovering the poet in you.

About Us

Poetry Chain was founded by Gopi K Kottoor in 1997. It began as a small town poetry club in Trivandrum, Kerala, South India, and had the late Dr. Ayyappa Paniker,distingushed professor of English Literature,  well known poet and former Dean, Kerala University, as its Chief patron. Poetry Chain has brought to first  focus many of the vibrant voices presently writing Indian English poetry. The Poetry Chain magazine attained national stature, conducted poetry competitions in association with Poetry society, (India), and rose to become an influential post independence Indian English poetry magazine. www.poetrychain.com is an e-zine revival of poetry chain, in conformity with eco friendly ambitions, of saving natural resources. It is an open invitation to join the opportunity of your poetry being seen and read all over the world without our having to cut down any more trees for its sake.

Poetry chain will continue to uphold its lofty standards which has been the foremost reason for its reputation as a premier  quality poetry magazine. Though submissions are invited all the year round, it will not be possible to offer suggestions to individual poets or for poems for the time being. Submission to poetry chain is not also a guarantee of publication. All poems submitted to Poetry Chain will be read.  Poetry Chain will continue to publish new voices along with emerging and established voices.Allow three weeks from the date of submission for the poems to be read by us. If you do not hear from us within three weeks, you may consider that the poems have been treated as withdrawn. However you are invited to try us again. Your local library should contain back issues of Poetry chain. Do read them. As we have stated else where in these pages, a serious poet is one who'll read and keep reading all the contemporary poetry he can get. This is important because your submissions will immediately speak volumes to seasoned readers looking for new voices both for magazine or book imprints and be rated accordingly.

Writing poetry can be a very absorbing and rewarding experience. It helps soothe and relax oneself. The sheer joy of seeing your own words on paper is the first step- poetry is like love. Its joy doubles when you share it. True poetry is like true love. You share it, and the world is amazed.

Welcome to Poetry chain.